Laser Tracker Services

EthosEnergy Field Services specialize in all types of precision alignment, using state of the art equipment such as the Leica AT401 Laser Tracker.

Originally developed by the government as part of the Star Wars initiative, Laser tracking technology was developed to track and shoot down incoming weapons in space.

Today, EthosEnergy Field Services uses the same technology to take large scale, highly accurate, consistent and reportable measurements using with the Leica AT401 Laser Tracker.

  • Accurate precise measurement within 0.003" at 100'
  • Centerline alignment of any piece of rotating or reciprocating equipment
  • Thermal growth analysis measures equipment, hot or cold
  • Diaphragm alignment
  • Static shaft alignment
  • Distance between objects or shafts
  • Bearing & bearing bore alignment
  • Precision leveling of any piece of equipment
  • Precision bolt hole layout
  • Complete jobs faster, and reduce downtime

New industry markets continue to develop.

   Lieca Precision Laser Tracker